We have heard a lot about redeeming the land recently.  But what is a good starting point for the work of redemption?

A great idea is to ask the Architect about His blueprint, to determine the design and destiny He had in mind at its creation. Begin by asking God, what did You dream about when You created this place or this person?  

The moment we hear what God is dreaming about for an individual, a community, a business – that is the start gate for our race as royal priests and children of the King to redeem, restore and rebuild.   

Yet many times, we forget to ask Father God, what are Your dreams here? Without that inquiry, and the intimacy required to hear the answer, we are stuck declaring our own imaginings about a place or a person, which is limited to our rational understanding and is pretty much, witchcraft, as we declare our own ideas over a person.  None of us have the authority to declare our own good ideas over a person when God wants His best ideas released.  

A better way is always to start with God’s heart for a community or a person.  In fact, it is a great gift to carry the treasure of God’s dreams about the destiny of a person or a community. Once we hear what the Lord is saying, then we have the authority and privilege to declare what we have heard in prayer, on location or directly, if wise, to the person.   Once we carry His heart, then we are in the right place to roll up our sleeves and walk out either in prayer or in person the work of redemption, doing what is required as directed by the Holy Spirit, that we may joyfully walk hip to hip with the Lord and through Him, redeem the land, the community, the church, the person.  

After all, the Only One who has expert status on bringing heaven to earth is the One who in Love, came down, to make all things new.  So why not ask the Lord, what are You dreaming about me, Lord? and get ready for a new adventure in Him!

Revelation 21:5

And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” (NASB)