Winter Joy

Here in Ontario, we just had a snow day.  Not the fluffy snow, tobogganing, hot chocolate, stay in pyjamas and enjoy snow day.  No, we had a clean the house, get the speech written, and practice those instruments! with the way-too-tired mother, father and four rangy kids blizzard at the farm day.

This morning, as I groggily, grouchily sipped my morning coffee, suddenly sunshine burst forth into my view.

It was as if Someone reached down from heaven with a chuckle and gleefully pushed my joy button.

Suddenly, I could see clear again. I could see the icicles on the window, the glory of the snow, the beauty of my home, the joy of being home with my family.

With a burst of laughter, I penned my surprise:

Sudden sunshine

Full-blown radiance
crests upon the whitened field
The glory-drenched vista of
diamond glinting rapture, a heaven-sent winter surprise at dawn.

Still rejoicing, I penned another offering to the God who reached down to love grumpy me, yet again, with the mercy of another day:

Golden good morning
Sun drenched rise and shine
Crisp winter kisses stretch sunnily across the fields
Poking through my window
Brightening my countenance 
Eyes blink
Heart thumps
Joy cheerily bursts through the window pane
A light-drenched wake up which
Welcomes me home

Oh the cheeky glory and merry possibilities
of a crisp sunny February morning. 

How has Love reached down to you today?  Can you see Him?  Do you know this Love that never fails?