That First Spring Day

Do you remember that first warm spring day in April after this long winter?  Do you have a winter that needs a good thaw?  Be encouraged.  It can all change with just one spring day…

That First Warm Day

Robins’ noisy joy opens ears, then eyes
as soft sweet spring air pours through flung open windows.
Rested children tumble fresh to breakfast
winter boots, coats and scarves tossed aside,
woolen wallflowers for another season;
Chilly waters soak their socks and boots
they stomp straight into the streaming muddy waters.
Rapid rivers course across the long wet sopped lawn
and stick boat races commence with delight.

Buds burst in miracle
a million shades of trees
as the sleepy sluggish awake
and slow-dulled grays and browns
give way to limes and brilliant chartreuse
while spring blesses fresh with grass and leaf and bush.

Nattering squirrels appear with sudden zest
their fearless leaps to each budded branch
an aerobatic show-off
as wee chipmunks dart and jays call.
In the farmyard, chickens hop merry
bright combs bobbing cheer
as they peck and scratch in slow-thawed mud puddles,
a brown and red bobbed noisy ruckus,
as the clucking chortling chorus shouts with fowl glee.

T-shirts, flip flops, short skirts,
ball gloves and skipping ropes,
are hastily dug out of dusty drawers
as Canada pours outside,
blinking in the bright sunshine.
Matrons kneel in black-wormed dirt planting optimistic pansies
and young moms meet on sidewalks,
while children’s laughter bounces like balls on pavement
as men pull off BBQ covers and drag out lawn chairs –
a victorious neighborhood takeover
from winter’s ice-locked white-seized loneliness.

Spring marches on mushy littered boardwalks
as mange flies and dogs turned pup again
rush along nose down,
a leash-straining,
a paw thumping,
tail wagging joy fest,
while people parade pretty like purple crocuses
warmed happy in windswept sunshine
upturned faces, ready for new once more.

Oh, the sunny optimism
the courage and the joy
of that first warm March day
in Ontario,Canada.