The Thrill Ride

A few months ago, as I was enjoying time with the Lord during Sunday service, suddenly, Jesus showed up in a vision before me.
2013-12-26 16.19.58To my surprise, Jesus whisked the kids and I to the top of a fresh virgin snow-covered mountain to enjoy the awe and glory of His creation.  Amazed, we gasped at the view. The mountain range was a bedazzling sight as sunshine glistened upon rock and snow, as strong stone ranges of ancient days declared the majesty of the King who stood happily beside us.

Colossians 1:16-17 states: By Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist.(NKJV)

As we stood there, I saw deep, honest contentment on His Face as Jesus just enjoyed what He created – the grand mountains, the pristine snow and us. Standing with Jesus at the top of that blue-skyed, snow-topped mountain was heavenly. With Jesus, there was no need for winter jackets or boots, since the temperature was perfection. Cold warred no stinging pain on frozen fingers.  Beauty abounded in panoramic display.  We breathed fresh mountain air oohs and aahs at the sight of the massive mountains arrayed in brilliant sunshine, thrilled to be with Jesus. Expectation filled the air as we waited for Him to speak.
Suddenly, snowballs started flying through the air, and laughter bounced off mountain ranges as Jesus started a playful snowball fight.  Light fluffy snowflakes danced like diamonds as we dodged and scrunched up snowy balls in our mittless hands.  Joy ruled the morning as snowballs splatted with giggles and guffaws.
With a huge grin, Jesus bent down and asked the littlest one, “Want to go for a ride?”
Always game for an adventure with Jesus, the fierce one quickly agreed.
Plopping down on the snow, Jesus pulled His robe out straight and we all piled in, as if a Jesus toboggan was the best idea ever.  Quickly, I leaned back against Jesus and the four kids piled in, one behind the other, legs upon His legs, as we zoomed down the diamond-sparkling snowy covered slope at roller coaster speed.
What a thrill ride! Jesus must have given the inventor of roller coasters all His start up ideas, because He certainly loves a fast ride!
As we gained momentum down that snowy slope, to the kids’ squeals of delight, I started to freak inside. I looked back to Jesus, as if to say, “Okay – slow down! You’re going too fast for me!  Pull a brake, would you!” as tall looming trees and sharp rocks took sudden precedence over snowy sledding.
Jesus just chuckled against me.  Gently He whispered into my ear, “Jenny, I made these mountains. I know every bump, every tree.  You can trust me. Enjoy the ride.”
2013-12-26 16.25.53It was the best toboggan ride of my life.  As we flew down across the mountains, we slid across the prairies, soared over the Great Lakes and landed with a great joyful heap at our farm in a matter of seconds.  Our laughter left a trail across Canada as we enjoyed a ride of heavenly proportions.
Since then, I have thought plenty about my deep need to throw the brake when life moves faster than I can predict. My heads knows that the Lord of the universe, who created me and knows every moment before me, just wants me to enjoy the ride.  My hearts resists the truth that I must trust more so that I can enjoy more.
Being a master planner hasn’t exactly worked out for me.  My family has long endured my role as killjoy, the brake thrower. I am discovering that I have been designed to zoom down mountains at top speeds with the God who made me just for the thrill and joy of the ride.
As I remember this encounter, it is the powerful combination of playful majesty that still arrests my heart.  King Jesus offered a snowball fight at the top of a mountain He created in answer to my cry to know Him.  Jesus revealed Himself as King of the universe while we tobogganed down a thrilling mountain, holding me steady when I wanted Him to slow down the ride.

I want to enjoy every gift moment of this lifetime the Lord has given me.

The more we lean into the truth that Jesus, King of all creation, actually loves us and wants to be with us, the more we trust His kindness and expect His goodness.

Can you marvel at His greatness?

Have you had an unexpected encounter with the Lord that surprised you?
Are you a thrill seeker or do you like to take things at a more reasonable pace?
Do you enjoy the speed of spontaneity or have you gridlocked that option with exacted planning?
Can you trust this King who wants you to thoroughly enjoy Him and all He has created?2013-12-24 12.36.01