Dear Deb

Last January, my friend was in hospital for six long weeks undergoing a bone marrow transplant.  I didn’t know how to help or encourage and feeling helpless, I stumbled into Faith Family Bookstore and asked a clerk for some help.
“Do you have anything for someone going through cancer, that isn’t preachy or churchy?” I awkwardly asked.
“Try this” the middle-aged woman offered, holding, Dear Deb in her hands.”I’ve heard this book is a good one.”
Glad to have at least something physical to offer other than my quiet prayers, I headed back onto the highway to meet my courageous friend at Princess Margaret.  Pale and suffering, she thanked me for the book and put it aside. I wondered if she would enjoy book.  
Months later, happy to be home with her family, she mentioned that Dear Deb was not what she expected but a very good book.  I was relieved and inwardly thanked God for His help with a gift that helped more than hurt.
Then, last June, at the Write Canada conference, I was honoured to meet Margaret Terry, a vibrant petite dynamo with the kindest eyes. I thanked her for helping my friend with her book.  Eagerly, I purchased her book for myself. Margaret Terry humbly collected her top prize from the conference with astonishment and grace, a trademark of the author which I longed to replicate.
This summer, I read Dear Deb with great enjoyment. Here is my recommend


Dear Deb, by Margaret Terry, displays the power of vulnerability in brilliant colour. When faced with the difficult task of supporting a friend battling cancer for the second time, Terry offered her only treasure: herself. With transparent honesty, in letter upon letter to Deb, Terry shares her own heartache and the faith that found her. As Terry writes of an unexpected divorce, the pain of growing up with broken parents, the pain of loneliness and her struggle to believe, Terry’s vibrant stories emerge with beauty and courage.

Dear Deb offers the reader an invitation to enjoy Rooney Lake where you can frolic with the boys at the end of the dock, snorkeling with glee. Shiver along with Terry in frosty Minnesota and experience the relief of finding home at your kid sister’s table after a disorientating move back to Canada. With vulnerability and purpose, Terry offers stories of the heart with an invitation to do likewise.

Dear Deb is a treasure to read and enjoy. I highly recommend you spend a pleasant afternoon enjoying the rich currency of this author’s heart.