Jesus, Jesus

My oldest son is a unique child. Even at nine, he was a deep thinker. His steady faith and simple expectation in God to do the unexpected often encourages me. 

Here was one such conversation: “Mom, at church, it’s “Jesus, Jesus”. When we worship, it’s “Jesus, Jesus”. Yet when we have a crisis, guess what we think about? “Crisis, crisis!”

I asked Jon what he thought a solution might be for this problem.
“Easy.” he replied, “In crisis, just worship. Then it’s “Jesus, Jesus” all over again.”

The boy is right.

In a culture which seems crisis-driven, it is easy to lose our focus and our peace.
Swamped by financial and relational stress, we can become consumed in a pursuit of personal competency instead of pursuing the living God.

As we face multiple problems, our lives can become more invested in coping than in worshiping God, Who patiently, lovingly waits for us to reach up to Him as the true strength of our lives.

O Lord, as You taught my sweet son, teach us to shut out the clamor of the alarm bells and instead, lean into Your voice, that we may remember You are our strength and joy.

As the bell tolls for 9/11 once again, let’s choose peace and worship Jesus in answer to crisis. O Lord, bless us and keep us this day. Shine Your face upon us and be gracious to us. O Lord, lift up Your countenance and give us peace.