Hunting for Treasure

Lately, the Lord has been speaking to me through numbers.  Not Numbers, the fourth  book in the Bible, which would be an enormous relief, since it’s BIBLE (I always feel so good when God speaks to me straight from His Word).

But throughout this year, the Lord has been highlighting numbers in triple, like 111, 333, 555 and this week, it’s been 444.  For example, I go to log out of work as a server and my time is 4:44.  I noticed that in Canada, the new season, Fall, came at 4:44 on Sunday.  My grocery bill change was $4.44 on Monday.  The time on the clock always seems to be 4:44 when I glance at the time.  Sounds spooky, right? Fortunately, from everything I know of God, spooky is not how He operates.

I have come to the conclusion that God has been leading me on a treasure hunt.  Thing is, He has the map.

I started asking questions to try and figure out why fours were so important.  I googled four in Biblical tradition and discovered that four traditionally reflects God’s creation and His earth (four seasons, four corners of the earth, four types of soil, four kingdoms in Daniel, four directions, four living creatures in Ezekiel, four placements of the tribes around the tabernacle, four horsemen etc.) So I asked, Lord, are you telling me something about the earth?  Silence.

Then I started looking at Scriptures with 444 as chapter and verse as I tried to understand why 444 was suddenly in focus.  Gen 44:4 shows Joseph framing his brothers for revenge.  I thought about grudges I have held, my often stinky attitude and I stopped to ask God for forgiveness for all the times I have acted as judge on my “brothers” in my life. Is that what You are saying Lord? Silence.

I kept searching.

In Numbers 4:44, Moses describes the Merari family as ones commissioned by God to carry the tabernacle of God. I started thinking about this incredible truth that the Holy Spirit lives in me.  O God, thank you that you call us to be living temples of God.  Thank you for reminding me of this preeminent call on my life.  Help me to walk accordingly.

Then I noticed Psalm 44:4 which declares: You are my King and my God who decrees victories for Jacob.

Without a doubt, I live to see King Jesus as the one true King over Canada, from sea to sea, as our forefathers declared when they built the Parliament buildings a century ago.  I prayed a thanks to God for reminding me of His dreams for Canada, for Israel, for His Church.  I asked again, is that what You are saying Lord?  Silence.

I read in Psalm 144:4 that man is like a breath, his days are a fleeting shadow. Ignoring my first reaction of fear, I thanked God again, for healing me, that this small tumour in my head hasn’t grown, that it has been declared “inconsequential” both by You and by the doctors.  I breathed my prayer of thanks as I remembered that each day must count.  O God, teach me to mark my days, and live each one with the humble regard that it may be my last.

Finally, I turned to beloved Isaiah 44:4, which really begins at verse 3:

I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring and my blessing on your descendants. They will spring up like grass in a meadow, like poplar trees by flowing streams.

O Lord, I have been so caught up trying to earn some significance.  I forgot all You taught me, that You are the God of the generations.  I remember Your dreams about the children, that You promise to pour out Your Spirit with ease upon my descendants, my children, and those I mother.  I believe that new life abounds through Your Spirit.  Thank You for reminding me that my life is lived best when I remember my call to raise up the next generation to live to love You and love others.

Finally.  That’s what He has been saying.

Yesterday, as I attended a prayer conference at the Embassy in Oshawa, unexpectedly and unannounced, Stacy Campbell walked in and shared her heart with us.  Stacy spoke candidly about her life, and quietly explained that her life call has been to raise up the next generation, quietly repeating Joel 2:28, Isaiah 44:4, Acts 2:17, that phrase “and God will pour out His Spirit” as an anchor to her life! Stacy explained how she loves to anoint the Davids of this next generation, to call up the young to their unique destiny by the word of prophecy.

Twenty years earlier, when she understood this call, she just started by teaching her own two year old’s Sunday school class.  To this day, this beautiful prophet with a steadfast heart after God continues to teach kids ministry, even as she travels the globe to speak and stir nations. As I listened to her humble confession of her love for the Word, for the Body of Christ, for the power of prophecy to change lives, as she urged us to live a life of humility, I quietly offered my thanks.

O Lord, thank You that You love me enough to call me back to the dreams in Your heart, to bring me every day to Treasure Island, which is all about the incredible treasure of knowing You. Help me to search for You with all my heart, that I may find You and be changed in that discovery. Help me to mother those You give me to love, to speak Your Word, to love you above all.

Today, the clock was 5:55 when I started baking the brownies for the farm store.  Hmm, triple portions of grace, eh?  Yes, I’ll take that, Lord.  I love your treasure hunt.

How is God speaking to You today? What treasure are you finding?