Limits Redfined – Franklin Graham Inspires and Challenges

Living Beyond the Limits is a great fast read highlighting 
one of America’s most giving families. With simple honesty,
Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham and CEO of the 
Samaritan’s Purse, offers seventeen moving chapters of his
experiences delivering hands on medical, physical, 
emotional and spiritual support to desperate people around
the globe. 

With the theme of living a life in sync with God, Graham 
introduces the reader to remarkable people on the 
front lines, superheros equipped with the love of Christ who
have risked all in often hopeless circumstances. From 
war-torn Beirut to the Bedouin tents in Jordan, to 
blood-soaked hospitals in Bosnia, Graham recounts his 
first-hand experiences of reaching out to the broken and 
hungry with resources, kindness and the gospel. With each
vignette, Graham carefully highlights men and women who 
remain in harm’s way to impact the despairing, the hungry, and the wounded with the love of
God. In describing these fearless people who risk their lives daily for the needy across the 
nations, Graham encourages us to consider their example and impact this world for good in
our own unique way. 

Franklin’s honest insights on the remarkable impact of women in his own life and across 
the globe is very encouraging to consider. Many will enjoy his clear use of Scripture and 
his candid reflections of growing up in the Graham home. 

For anyone who needs a jump start to their walk with God, this book is a battery boost! 
For those who pack the Christmas boxes and have wondered what impact they make, this 
book gives you a great understanding of the value of these gifts. I highly recommend this 
book as an inspiring read by a gracious giving man who tells true stories of love in action 
across our needy world and encourages each to do the same.