India, Arise!

Arise and take your place, o country of strength and beauty and joy!

Arise and shine forth your excellence, your heart, and declare that your light has come!

Arise amidst your heavy load, your dusty walk, and laugh in delight in your fortitude!

Your Light has come, India!  Behold the King of Kings who walks with humble feet across your land, first feeding, then blessing, first serving, then telling of the truth that Jesus lives, that Jesus came, and will come again.  Your Lord walks in servant clothes, steadfast to the darkened slums, to the brothels, to the palaces.  

Do you see Him, with his brown eyes and hands of love, ministering with steady heart as he bends down and pulls you to your feet?  

Can you see Him, with her joyful face, as she raises hands and smiles and worships and invites you to do the same?   

Can you feel Him as she cups your face and kisses your cheek, delighting in you with her gaze?  
Do you sense Him as love is lavished, costly love, that pays with lives and dreams and sacrifices, again and again, to see you take your place at His side?

India, show forth to the nations your joy, that the Lord God Almighty rises across your land!  

Show forth that the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you!

Your King walks across this land and roars His love upon you.  O India, Arise!