The Burning Ones

On February 15th, I was deep in prayer before the Lord in India when He came to me in a vision and said, “Come on, I want to show you something.”  

We entered a room with plastic chairs, very common for meetings in Asia.  Jesus walked into the middle of the room and squatted down with a big grin on His face and started spinning a peg rapidly in His hands on the ground like He was going to start a fire on the floor.  

When I saw sparks, I quickly called, “Holy Spirit, would you blow on those flames?” The Holy Spirit blew wind and the flames engulfed the entire floor wall to wall.  

Suddenly, a mess of snakes left the room, chased out by fire. Then I noticed there were people sitting in the chairs, and as the flames roared, the chairs melted and everyone quickly stood to their feet. As they stood, fire engulfed each from head to toe, a consuming fire which didn’t injure.  Soon after everyone was covered in gold from head to toe. It was a sudden, astonishing and marvelous picture of God in action, of revival and the joy Lord Jesus has in this great work.

On that same day in Canada, a gifted prophet named Kayle Mumby had two powerful dreams.

One dream was about a global awakening which began with prayer, intense expectant prayer across the nation.  In the dream, the young people would gather together in “burning rooms and they began to call out for the fire of God. Houses of prayer and worship were springing up all over the globe and they were known for their fire. They were known as burning rooms, full of burning ones, crying out day and night for the fire of God to sweep the planet…as if this was the tipping point for the beginning of the awakening that swept the earth. It was hard to tell where it would go to or where it came from next because the fire spread so quickly. All of the burning rooms suddenly exploded with fire and with power. Those who had faithfully given themselves over to burn exploded with an intensity that this world had never seen before”

The Lord is showing us that global revival is coming and it begins with those willing to pray.

 Kayle’s second dream was of Canada, showing strategic places where the fire of God would fall if the people would pray.  In conclusion to the dreams, Kayle urged the Church, “I believe that if we make ourselves available in the secret place of prayer and as we gather together corporately, wherever we are, to call out for the fire of God that the Burning One from heaven will be released to set fire to the saints assembled. I believe a global burn is about to sweep the nations of the earth. I believe we are on the cusp of the greatest awakening this world has ever seen and our directions are simple – Call out for the fire of God. Burn before Him. Burn with worship, prayer, adoration. Burn with intercession. Burn with faith. Burn with prayer. The time is now to enter into the furnace rooms, the prayer rooms and call for the fire of God.”
Regardless of where you live, either in Canada or across the globe, God’s plan is clear: 


I believe we are going to encounter much more than signs and wonders in this move of God that will sweep the globe.  I believe we are going to encounter the Source, the Inheritance of our lives,  the Spirit of Truth Himself.  All around the world, words are going forth about the fire of God coming, about God encounters, about the river of God sweeping the globe.

Are you ready to be consumed by the fire, that the words of John the Baptist spoken two millennia ago will be fulfilled? O beloved, won’t you pray?

Our Father, who art in heaven, HOLY is your Name!  Let your Kingdom COME and Your WILL be DONE on earth as it is in Heaven!  Let Your FIRE FALL!  Amen!

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