Autumn’s Song

Autumn’s Song

Fall comes soft

as red highlights
edge green
orange splashes dot leafy limbs with random change
unnoticed by many
as the hunt for indoor shoes and lunch boxes and school supplies distracts list laden parents
while children sport flip-flops and beg to play outside a bit longer.Then September arrives –
common trees bloom sudden glory
bronze gold
fiery orange
cranberry crimson
ruby red
as God smiles
and dresses His darling earth from head to toe.
Adorned in vibrant gowns
a mirthful waltz begins
as trees clap pretty
and rolling hills cancan a chorus line of paint-smudged glory
noticed by all who gaze.

Nature trails and parks swell with hikers and bikers,

and lovers and loners

as they stroll silent
and together
through thick stands of fragrant forest
quiet sanctuaries of God-painted glory
and every age
By October,
the earth crunches red and orange, yellow and brown
blithe carpets thrown haphazard across the land
while cool winds startle cartwheels of colour
as dancing leaves dart and quicken
across street and sidewalk
playground and park
and children laugh and tumble and roll
and throw leaves to the sky.Happy kids munch crisp apples
picked from generous laden branches
as farmers fill wagons and invite all
to the joy of the pumpkin patch
while Thanksgiving feasts abound.
Gratitude mingles with laughter
as friends and families prepare roast turkey, stuffing and pies
a glorious celebration of thanks for all we love and have,
a tradition began by faithful worshipers
who humbled by adversity and hunger,
reached past culture to find provision and friendship
with an ancient people who lived mercy long before they met Him.

November draws near.
Fall sways slow
as steady days darken quick
and frost marks most mornings.
Tall trees stand bare,
their wrinkled leaves strewn piles of faded glory
as mothers button up coats
and hunt vainly for mittens
hoping the snow will wait.
Solemn crowds with poppied collars
pause at wreath-laden monuments
as the weathered weep and remember
and we whisper heartsick prayers for families of the slain
shivering and stomping our frozen feet
as cold flurries blow in and melt by noon.

Steady autumn rains drench the days.
Cattle move slow across the pasture
mashing frosty weeds in disdain,
hides tough against the cold hard winds.
In town, weather marks every greeting
as people crowd into busy Tim’s
reaching for warm coffee with chilled hands
while bundled children play hard on frozen playgrounds
slipping up frozen rungs
sliding down fast icy slides
an endless game of tag with reddened cheeks
and saucy laughter
daring the cold to cease their play.

O Fall, teach us to dance in glory
to sway in surrender
and rejoice in season!
May we remember God’s glory
and like the children,
play so hard
that we forget the cold
and just enjoy what
we have been given –