rainbow and fire tree

Burning Bush

On Wednesday, God appeared in a burning bush.  The leaves were fire lit, one of many adorning streets and roadways in this glorious season of Fall.

As I flew out of the grocery store like Moses herding sheep but on the backside of a subdivision, cramming kids and errands in before Jon’s guitar lesson finished, I glanced up and caught sight of the rainbow.
My rush shattered.
I pulled our van to a sudden halt and flew into action to capture sudden unexpected glory. The skywide appearance of deep hued faithfulness landed thick strong in double portioned intensity that just wouldn’t budge.
I caught my breath and found Him.
In the midst of my mess, dashing through schedules piled high with groceries and junior high, heartsick and head down from a week of unexpected struggle, He found me.
Typical, the phone battery was dying.  Determined I plugged in the phone, single focused to capture the remembrance.
Steady-toned, He spoke, “I will do it.”
God of Mercy loves me on stressed out Wednesdays, worship-soaked Sundays, moody Mondays, glory Saturdays, and every other second I will ever breathe.  Yawheh is the One who brings me, us through.
With one bar of battery, I jumped puddles on the road and squatted down before the tree, as my children watched me stop everything to capture His message.  A grace-soaked Noah, I returned wet-ready to love those I love once more, as the Lover of the Universe remembered me across the sky, tidily embraced by encounter at a burning bush, as He shifted me back to Whose I am.
How do you encounter the One who loves you?

Rainbow Over Clarington

Rainbow Over Clarington