Bible Adventure – Love Came Down

Glory TrailWant to engage in a twenty month walk through the Bible with me?

Starting Jan 2, every Friday we will be discussing a portion of the Bible, beginning with Genesis and moving all the way to Revelation.  Each week, I will post a reflection with study questions called Love Came Down.

You can use Love Came Down as a bible adventure to stoke your faith or as a bible study with friends.  You can pass it on to your faith community and open the conversation about God encountering humanity in love through His Word or you can share it with people who haven’t found their faith and see what happens.

Now, perhaps you have never cracked open a Bible.  No worries.  There are plenty of websites offering the bible online. One of my favourites is because it allows you to read the Bible in tons of versions and then study it out with a huge toolbox of study tools.  If you want to preach what you are studying, check out for a fantastic program which doesn’t require the internet or wifi in order to study out God’s Word.

What if, like myself, you have never been part of a bible study with a reader community before?  No problems.  You can study without comment or you can post your thoughts to the comment box.  You can ask questions, share feelings, or give a testimony of what God has done for you.  Or you can journal privately without any feedback required.  How you participate is completely up to you.  

Welcome to a no pressure, grace-filled study of God’s Word and His great love for us all.  To get started, subscribe to  I will post the reading plan next Friday.

Really looking forward to this journey with you!

Merry Christmas!



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