The Quest for Encounter

2014-10-09 13.20.47

This year, we

roar with adventure

rumble with expectation –

Vistas will be reached

mountains ascended

valleys plundered and villains slain.

2013-10-12 17.01.52We take our stance

that steady wide-legged pose

armed with faith and truth

kingdom priests

kings and queens

who bear the scars

This year, we stand

in dignity

we proclaim


as our greatest weapon.

This is the year of the Overcomer 

where champions are made2013-02-28 08.33.52

hearts tested

and excised

in the fury of the days

in the wars of nations

in heartbreak and sorrows

in miracles and power

as His Kingdom advances

with force and with surprise.

Glory CloudsO Canada

we stand on guard

with great expectation

in exquisite encounter

as the King takes His place

of our nation.

We will constant praise

not shrink back

from fires and furnaces

 by His Grace

and for His Glory.

Rainbow and Fire

The joy of knowing God trumps all.

O dive into the possibilities

prepare your hearts for the stalwart quest

gird up your loins

tuck in all that would entangle you

shed the extra baggage

and begin the fierce journey  of life in the living God!

Glory Trail

For here lies the prize:

I want to know Christ

the power of his resurrection

the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings

becoming like him in his death


to attain to the resurrection from the dead.

( Phil 3:10-11, NIV)


The world awaits for the Champions to arise.2014-10-10 07.40.41

Brave Ones,

May the Quest begin.

2 thoughts on “The Quest for Encounter

  1. Nancy VanderSchaaf

    Wow! Jenny! The Encounter so moved my heart…. My spirit is responding like fireworks!!! THIS is a Word of The Lord for 2015 for me and so ,so many. God’s blessing on your writing to be able to continue to so eloquently pen His heart. Thankyou!


    1. jsvetec

      The Year of Encounter is upon us all! Can you imagine what is in store for all who are hungry enough to reach for more? Thanks for the kind comments and I too got very excited when I was writing this…great word for 2015 for sure.


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