Glory Stories on Easter Monday

pexels-photo-267151On January 1st this year, our family was planning to join our church community, Emmanuel Montreal, to pray in the New Year.  Instead, a snowstorm, my husband working nights and beloved company rerouted our plans.  We found ourselves gathered around the kitchen table, with munchies, markers and blank sheets of paper, as we bravely doodled Father’s dreams for us in 2017.

Remarkably, Love Came Down.

All of us children discovered direction as bubble letters and radiant colours etched upon the pages between munching and laughter, worship and prayer.

“Acceleration” was the word for my husband.  infinity

“Infinity” spoke volumes to my daughter about God’s flow, the completeness and the surety of His hand upon her next season.

2017 a

My young artist child added layer upon layer of colour as she grinned and told me this year was all about celebration.

My boys each heard a different phrase as they scribbled and designed their own word for this year.

“Glory Stories” was my personal word from the Lord.  2017 was to be all about His Glory and our stories, both as a family and in the Body of Christ.

Beginning this week, expectations are high, as I lean into my King, to ask what stories He would like to tell, or show off, or blow us away with.

Some of the stories will be extraordinary, like a little girl coming off life support (read here), or a child discovering he can read, or a woman encountering the voice of God for the first time.  Other stories will be more complicated, how warriors stand in battle, or what to say when vision which shifts a family to another community, or the difficulty of saying no to beloved friends even as you declare a holy yes to Father God.

I have only one prayer in this journey: that through these glory stories, we encounter the richness of our Father God, King Jesus and Holy Spirit, as together, we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

So sign up, tell your friends and get ready for a journey this year you didn’t expect.

God is all about surprises, especially in spring.



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  1. bavirtue

    Awesome Idea Jael: Glory Stories. We all need to hear them to increase our faith to believe God for the MORE that He really wants to give us. God Bless you as you press into ALL the Lord has in store for us


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