Break Out

St Sophie Feb

Here in Montreal, winter can overwhelm the soul.  Day after day of grey skies, cold temps and snowbanks piled past windows can drain the soul.

Last week, one day, the skies cleared.  Like a filly bolting her gates, when I saw the sunshine poking through my window, I bundled protesting teens into our minivan, promising adventure. Road Trip.

We drove north, hoping to find a forest trail, despite the -14 cold.  We drove map blind, rare for an app saturated family, but my cell phone battery was dead.  I was content to just follow the road.

As we drove north, we crisscrossed long snowy fields, shimmering  glory white in the sunshine. We searched for trails through cold bundled towns and salted highways, but found none, as we drove mile upon mile under deep blue sky.

We found a nature park and braved the biting wind for some fresh air. Iced trails made the terrain perilous to walk on. After a few minutes of slipping and sliding, we called it a day, making a slow retreat back to the parking lot.

It was enough.  Big sky on a sunny day was all I longed for. With the kids happily munching bagels, and coffee in hand, I drove home.

I could breathe again. I could hear. My heart soared. I worshipped.

You know, God made us all different. Each of us fight sorrow and fatigue to find God in unique ways. Some find Him along the seashore. Others find Him in the movie theatre. I know a friend who can cook her way into encounter with Christ.  I known one who bikes 1200km races through the desert to find his zone. Another who walks through a mall and realigns.

What makes you sparkle?

When you walk with God, freedom is always within reach.

Time to break out. He’s is waiting for you…

Winter Wonder



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