About Jenny Svetec


Hello!  I am thrilled you dropped by Jael’s Peg!

Jael was a fierce woman who simply obeyed God, using what she had in her hands to free a nation ( Judges 4:17-24).  The pen is far mightier than a sword!

Since I see our God in every aspect of life, I love retelling His stories.  Like that “ordinary goat”, Jael, with pen and heart, I write to restore lives and free the oppressed with the truth of God’s great love for all His children.

I would love to hear from you and thanks for visiting.


2 thoughts on “About Jenny Svetec

  1. Bernice Beaupre

    Hi Jenny,

    Looking forward to visiting with you tomorrow. I love this blog. I knew the story but always felt a little sorry for Sisera being conned until I read the background story. Am in awe of her courage but know that if God says to do it He will give us everything we need to perform it.

    Love Andre and Bernice


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