Love Came Down Bible Reading Plan

Welcome back! ┬áHope Christmas was full of kindness for you and yours. As promised, here is the Reading Plan for Love Came Down. I will post the passages we are reading each Friday in case you lose track, and also update the next week’s readings on a weekly basis. Now, some guidelines: If you can’t […]

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Bible Adventure – Love Came Down

Want to engage in a twenty month walk through the Bible with me?

Starting Jan 2, every Friday we will be discussing a portion of the Bible, beginning with Genesis and moving all the way to Revelation. Each week, I will post a reflection with study questions called Love Came Down….

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We have heard a lot about redeeming the land recently.  But what is a good starting point for the work of redemption? A great idea is to ask the Architect about His blueprint, to determine the design and destiny He had in mind at its creation. Begin by asking God, what did You dream about […]

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